1.2 Zoning Map

1.2.1 Zoning Map Incorporated

A. The Zoning Map is incorporated and made part of this Unified Development Ordinance as if fully set forth and described in this Ordinance. B. The Zoning Map is maintained by the City Clerk.

1.2.2 Establishment of Zones

In order to carry out the purposes of this Ordinance, the City of Buffalo is divided into the following zones, as indicated on the Zoning Map:

  1. Neighborhood Zones

    • N-1D Downtown/Regional Hub N-1C Mixed-Use Core
    • N-1S Secondary Employment Center N-2C Mixed-Use Center
    • N-2E Mixed-Use Edge N-2R Residential
    • N-3C Mixed-Use Center N-3E Mixed-Use Edge N-3R Residential
    • N-4-30 Single-Family N-4-50 Single-Family
    • N-DER Downtown Entertainment Review Overlay
  2. District Zones

    • D-R Residential Campus D-M Medical Campus
    • D-E Educational Campus D-S Strip Retail
    • D-C Flex Commercial D-IL Light Industrial D-IH Heavy Industrial D-OS Square
    • D-OG Green D-ON Natural
  3. Corridor Zones

    • C-M Metro Rail C-R Rail
    • C-W Waterfront

1.2.3 Zoning Map Boundaries

  1. The precise location of a zone boundary line on the Zoning Map is determined as follows:
    1. Where a boundary line is shown as coinciding, binding along, or superimposed on a lot line, the boundary is that lot line.
    2. Where a boundary line is shown as within or along a public or private right-of-way, the boundary is the centerline of that right-of-way.
    3. Where a boundary line is indicated by a designated number of feet, that distance controls.
    4. Where a boundary line is shown as a railroad right-of-way line, the boundary is the railroad right-of-way line.
    5. Where a boundary line is shown as following the shoreline of a water body, the boundary line is the mean high water line of the water body, as determined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
    6. Where a boundary line is shown as following the centerlines of streams, rivers, or other continuously flowing watercourses, the boundary line follows the channel centerline of the watercourses at mean low water line, as determined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In the event of change in the location of such streams, rivers, or other watercourses, the boundaries move with the channel centerline.
    7. Where a boundary line is shown and its location is not fixed by any of the rules of this section, its precise location is determine by scaling from fixtures, objects, or other structures shown on the map.
  2. In the event that any uncertainty exists with respect to the intended boundaries as shown on the Zoning Map, the Zoning Administrator is authorized to interpret the boundaries per Section 11.3.11.
  3. In the case of a split lot, in which a zone boundary line runs through a lot, zone standards are applied separately to each portion of the lot.